Sunday, July 29, 2012


The cardinal might be a little lonely (Illustration Friday theme).
Adobe Illustrator CS2

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Illustration Friday meme: Space!


I made sure to leave a lot of space around the birds so they'd stand out. :)
Just working with simple shapes and colors.  Ever see any of the Ed Emberley drawing books?  As a kid I loved how he could create anything from a horse to a pirate ship with just the simplest shapes. :D

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Community Passages Logo Part Deux

As it turns out, I won the company logo contest (WooHoo!).  My unit director decided to go in a different direction than my previous entry and showed me an example of what he had in mind.  I came up with these logos next and apparently I'd nailed his idea.
The top part represents a path, just a simplified abstract icon.  I created a couple dozen different shapes along the same lines and these two captured the correct "path" feel I'd wanted. :)
Adobe Illustrator CS2

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Community Passages Logo Concept

The company I work for, Community Passages, is a subsidiary of Resources for Human Development.  Community Passages provides assistance to mentally and physically challenged individuals.  The big wigs decided to host a competition for Community Passages employees to create a company logo.  Obviously a challenge right up my alley, I designed this logo:  
The C and P initials make up the outer heart shape;
The heart stands for the heart we have for our special needs individuals we work with, and also our heart for making "passages" for them into their communities;
One side of the middle "split" represents our individuals; the other side the community;
The clasped hands represent integration between our individuals and community;
The hands and opposing colors crossing over the middle represent crossing over barriers of separation between our individuals and community;
The orange and purple are color compliments, both of which are generally considered "passionate" colors.
While a little too small to be seen in the logo, in the hands I attempted to add some extra dimension, creating little spaces in between shapes to make an illusion of some shapes in front/back of others.  I've done this in other illustrations like the Armor of God and Kitty Cop, trying to get something more 3D from flat 2D line art.

I used my phone cam to take a photo of my wife's and my hand clasped for reference.  I had to enlarge her hand since it's a good bit smaller than mine. ;)

I could probably execute my ideas behind this logo a hundred different ways (alright, maybe at least a dozen or two).  I'll simplify the hands at some point to allow more readability when downsized. :)