Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ninja Robot Monkey!

Adobe Illustrator CS2

Here's a revamp of something I did a few years back. Just simplified shapes and (for the most part) solid colors. The purple background triangle was a vector shape, then rasterized. I added a little texture with film grain and other effects, then zoom blurred it to get the speed effect.

The title text, I think, is LCD. I copied and pasted two versions of the text and set them in back of the original, toggling each to either side and changing the colors to add depth and interest. I created a row of thin lines in front of the text, then played with the transparency and colors to achieve the t.v. lines effect.

I'm thinking he looks pretty rambunctious, with a spit-in-death's-eye attitude! :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Birthday Boy Anthropomorph

Adobe Illustrator CS 2

I don't know how much this actually looks like the boy I based the picture on, but for me, it captures some of his thoughtfulness and complexity.
Just a straightforward illustration. I created all the base shapes, then used the Offset Path command with negative numbers to make smaller inner shapes. The base shapes I gave darker colors, the inner shapes lighter colors, then blended.
I used the Free Transform tool to put the sidewalk and text into perspective. :)