Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recent Illustration Commissions

Superhero Squad
A Christmas present from a friend to her nephew (whose head is on the Iron Man suit.) I needed a lot of reference from online (images and videos) for the Squadies to nail their distinctive art style, and had a couple photos of the boy's face. I worked hard to make all the linework interesting, paying attention to shapes, width, weight, and flow.

The Cat Trick
My friend hired me to illustrate this as an anniversary present from him to his wife. I used photos for their three cat's heads, and rummaged online for the hockey uniforms, goalie net and rink line details. I created the little ads in the back in homage to the couple's culinary interests.

Note my new signature logo, an AM shaped and colored like a pencil, my favorite drawing utensil. Why do I use a signature logo? Is such a thing necessary? Who else does this? :)

Adobe Illustrator CS2

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