Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CMI Promotional Video Art

Content Marketing Institute commissioned me to do some Star Wars-esque art for a promotional video for CEO Joe Pulizzi's new book. Here's the link to the video:
youtube CMI promotional vid
Here's CMI's website:

 The effects of bad content marketing

Jedi Joe to the rescue!

Jedi Joe confronts bad content marketing

Jedi Joe defeats bad content marketing
Is this the end of bad content marketing???


 Group reading

Sound advice

Adobe Illustrator CS2


Matt Moore said...

That's Cool. Way to go! You are clearly voicing my opinion.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hello Andrew, So nice to meet you and finally get to see your work! IT'S AWESOME!!!! So very talented you are. A BEAST!! LOL! I see that you are friends with by best friend Eric Barclay! He is very talented as well. We call each other sister and brother from other mothers LOL! Thank so much for you encouraging words. Left me a little speechless and blushing, but thanks just the same. This post was beautiful! LOVE IT!