Monday, January 23, 2017

Bluejay, Charlie Harper, Exploring the Ruins

     My latest illustration in Adobe Illustrator CS2, inspired by master illustrator Charley Harper.  I found his book, "An Illustrated Life" by Todd Oldham, at a local Half-Price Book Store.  A several page interview, then chock full of minimalistic, basic shape happiness. :)
"Charley Harper, an Illustrated Life" by Todd Oldham
     I started with a photograph I'd taken with my trusty Canon Rebel xTi.  The challenge came from wanting to stay true to the original photo, preserving shapes, colors and details, while rendering everything in basic shapes.
Bluejay, Canon Rebel xTI
     The bold, simplistic shapes and coloring of the bluejay's head/face lent themselves to rendering in straight lines and simple curves.
     The colorful pattern on the bluejay's back went through a few iterations before I finally achieved the simplified balanced symmetry.
At one point, still trying to simplify
     A vertical center line runs from the left edge of the tail and through the middle of the body.  I centered the pattern--evenly-spaced triangles and arches--on the vertical center line.
     All the up-and-down lines comprising the tail taper to the center line at the top middle of the arch of the pattern.
     The tree limbs consist of repeating arches and "V"s.  The blue triangles and rectangle represent sky.
     I kept the colors to a somewhat limited palette.

----Exploring the Ruins----
     While I seem to have lost the original Illustrator file, I found this rendering of an illustration I thought I'd totally lost.  I can redo it by tracing it in Illustrator, but I know the work I put in to that wall on the right.  Gonna prove a real challenge.  Worth it once it's done though. :)
Exploring the Ruins

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